About Us

My name is Shari and I have been making soap for the past 13 years. I would like to personally welcome you to Gypsy’s Celestial Garden.

We are a small business located in the Panhandle of Florida. I live on a small farm with my daughter and my husband. I started making soap when my youngest child has such bad allergies to everything that even the gentle soaps would make her skin break out. Then I started to read labels and realized I was putting detergent on her. That nice smelling baby soap was nothing but a toxic blend of chemical detergents. That was when I decided to start living a cleaner life and really watching what I used in my house and on mine and my children’s skin. To say soap is my passion is an understatement. I have finally gotten the courage to leave my corporate job and throw everything into turning my passion into a business. So please take a look around read the FAQ and learn a little more on the differences between artisan soap and commercial soap and take a look at some of our other products.

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